I’m So Very Glad YOU are Here!

So….it’s the ever-important All About Molli page. This is like the question they invariably ask in interviews, “Would you tell us about yourself?”  Well, I’m amazing and you should hire me for twice what you are offering, right? Ha! Don’t you want to say something like that? I do. But, I don’t dare.

As as awkward as it feels for me to do this, here goes!

Hey, y’all! I’m Mollianne. But my life and this blog are about so much more than just me. My daily cast of characters include the Rocket Man (seriously… My husband is a rocket engineer), my daughter and her two teenage sons who lived with us until recently when she married and they bought a house about a mile from ours (Annie and Kevin, Malcolm and Sean), my son who lives with us and are we ever happy he does, my gang at the Church House where I work, our parents (all living in town), various and sundry friends and our other children who don’t live with us.

Together, the Rocket Man and I are making our story one of intentional moments full of our own brand of Happily Ever After. One day at a time as we navigate life with our Multigenerational Family. Keeping as much spice as we can in our Sandwich Generation lives.  Discovering the changes life in our fifties can bring. Kissing as often as possible…just because, y’all, kissing?  I’m a big fan!

I am fueled by faith, daily finding joy in the mundane and laughing my way through life. My morning hashtags are #starthappy #findbeauty #embracejoy and #clingtochrist.  I need to add #curbmytongue, but I’m not sure I can go public with that one yet. One of my ongoing goals is to try very hard every day not to fall down. Literally. Not falling down is big with me.  I have an autoimmune condition and I occasionally find myself viewing life from the pavement.

I like to eat, read, cook, make and listen to music, listen to my sweet Daddy tell stories, laugh till I’m out of breath with my dear Mother,  write, watch movies and college football, craft, and ride the wind behind the Rocket Man on our motorcycle. Not necessarily in that order.

I’m just an average American girl who grew up in the 60s and 70s and I’m living out the dream!  Boy-howdy! What a dream it is! God has been so good to me and I pray my life reflects the gratitude He deserves.

I hope you will always  find something here that makes you smile, chuckle, think or pray.  Or all of the above.  Come back soon and feel free to pick up some chips & dip on the way.



2013-10-26 10.06.40-1

Photo complements of my friend, Melissa at Spoiled Rotten Photography.

 {Melissa has a magic camera.  She makes EVERYONE look good}


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