But Who’s Counting?

by Mollianne on November 4, 2015

To my amazing Rocket Man!

It has been:


19 years, which equals

Ed engagement post

228 months, which equals

Adoring gaze

988 weeks, which equals

Ed holding on

6939 days, which equals

Ed and Molli Ditto

166, 536 hours, which equals


9,992,160 minutes, which equals


599. 529. 600 seconds.  Give or take a few.


So much time since that blustery Sunday evening when  you tenderly took my face in your hands

and delivered a kiss

so gentle and sweet

so restorative and hopeful

so deliberate and meaningful

so soulful and mournful and joyful

all at the same time

that I begin to

cautiously but earnestly begin believe

 Happily Ever After could happen for me

And it might just happen with you

And it has

Together we have lived out those 19 years

{which equals… according to my calculations… 228 months, or 988 weeks ,or 693 days, or 166, 536 hours, or 9,992,160 minutes or 599,529,600 seconds…give or take a few}

Serving God together

Clinging to each other in the very hard times

Comforting each other in loss

Laughing at the odds

Embracing immeasurable joy

Enjoying all the kisses

Loving each other as best we know how

Thank you for that kiss all those years ago

Thank you a myriad of kisses in the ensuing years

Thank you for the promise of kisses to come


I love you,


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Joy DeKok November 5, 2015 at 9:46 am

Beautiful love!


Mollianne November 5, 2015 at 12:53 pm

Thank you, Joy. I wish I remembered when the utility bill is due as clearly as I recall the date and time of our first kiss. I guess one date is more important, although the other is ofttimes pressing.


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