For the Recycle Bin

by Mollianne on September 3, 2014


A handful of things to toss into the blue bin.

Coke cans.

Empty medicine bottles.

A few pieces of cardboard.

Nothing sexy to toss out. No big revelation in my trash. Just an ordinary day with ordinary things to recycle.

Some days are like that.

In my world, today held:

That thing where you run the washer again because the clothes in it {from the weekend} have spoiled and smell bad. You do that, too, right?

Special time with my parents who have moved to town. I saw them on my way to work and we went to lunch together.

A mundane task.

A feeling of being a bit overwhelmed at work, because I have been out a lot lately for this or that reason.

Waiting for a call from the doctor’s office about a treatment I’m supposed to take.

Spending a few moments with a friend who is living with fresh grief and finding his way around in it.

Several calls from the Rocket Man, just to check base and see how my day was going.

All in all, it was a pretty ordinary day. I think the good outweighed the bad.

But some of the bad, the worrisome and niggling things like the doctor’s call that didn’t come, that weighed pretty heavily on my heart. And the news of a dear friend who received the worst sort of diagnosis. And the news of world events.

The bad seems pretty big and out of control these days.

What to do?

With my recycles, I’m looking to see what can be done with plastics and some metal packaging to create something new.  Doing my part of conserve and repurpose.

What about the other?

Well…maybe I’ll hear from the doctor regarding treatment tomorrow. And I will trust the Great Physician, knowing He holds me in His hands and I am not alone.

The clothes in the washer should be ready for the dryer when I get home. I’m determined not to wash them again before they are worn.

For the friend I spent time with, I’m thankful my feet were on God’s path.

For the dear soul with bad news, I will keep up with him and pray for and with him.

For the overwhelming feelings, I will simply put one foot in front of the other till it all gets done. Or overcome by events.

For the time spent with Mother and my Sweet Daddy, I am beyond grateful for this season in our lives. For the time we have to spend together. For the special bond we share and the blessing they have been to me. And my prayer is that I will be a blessing to them.

For al the good things of today, I offer thanks with an earnestly grateful heart.

For the mundane, I ask God to take the work of my hands and use it to His glory.

For the heartbreak and broken pieces of the day and the world, I am doing the best I know to do.

Praying for wisdom.
Trusting in grace.
Standing firm in my faith.

Recycle the used up parts of my life, Dear Lord, and repurpose me for service in  Your Kingdom.



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